by Carl Hiassen - ages 10+

This environmental mystery takes you on the journey of two brave siblings who won’t stop until they bring justice to the harbor and stop the pollution at its source.  Click the the book to the left and listen to some of the story.  CLICK HERE for a preview of the text!

50 Ways to Save the Ocean

by David Helvarg - ages 8+

Though this book was written in 2006, before we experienced the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico or heard about ocean plastics, it is still a great guide to actions everyone can take to protect and conserve the ocean. If you are ready to figure out what you can do to help, this book addresses our daily choices that can improve the ocean's health. Get a preview of this inspiring book by clicking the book to the right.

In Your Face

by Shari Graydon - ages 11+

In a style that will make you laugh and think seriously, this terrific author takes you through the culture of selling us beauty products while encouraging readers to take a careful review of the messages we are given about make-up and beauty.  Click the book to the left for more.

The Story of Stuff

by Annie Leonard - ages 13+ and Adults!

If you want to learn more about ideas and information presented in Annie Leonard’s Story of Stuff video featured this week, get the book!  Or buy it for an adult in your life.

Click on the book to find further details.