Creating peace is one of life’s greatest ongoing challenges but believing it is possible is always the first step. There are many different symbols that represent hope for peace.  Here’s a few, along with a version of a Buffy Saint- Marie’s classic song for peace by Sweden’s girl band First Aid Kit - real life sisters!

Let’s make peace with our beauty. Watch out for the big myth out there that we girls are supposed to look a certain way.  Too often magazine, television, movies, and people who are famous, make us feel like we need to look, dress and act a certain way to be beautiful.    Do you know how most magazine model photos are changed on the computer?  Being skinny is not a healthy goal or measure of beauty and don’t wait to learn that feeling healthy and good is the key to being attractive.  So many girls are feeling this beauty pressure.  Learn more and stay healthy and truly beautiful!

There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness.  ~Lady Blessington. 

We thank our friends at YES! magazine for bringing us lots of great stories about how friends, family and being part of a community are what makes us happy.  Did you know that economists have been measuring the happiness index of people around the world? We think they are on to some smart global ideas for a happier planet!

Drops that gather one by one finally become a sea.

"Zarreh zarreh jam garadad vangahi darya shavad".

A Persian Proverb

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