This MARY JANE® candy wrapper dress is only one of the works of trash art featured now at San Francisco International Airport in an exhibit called Second Chance on loan from the Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe New Mexico.

We love National Public Radio and this story about the art of Vik Muniz.  He created this work in a Rio de Janeiro landfill from trash and it’s not to be missed.  Documentary film maker Lucy Walker captured this in the film “Waste Land” . The great note here is that Brazil is moving into recycling and closing this landfill.

Thanks to Andrea Shea at WBUR Boston, Neal Conan at NPR Talk of the Nation, Trish Smith and our spotter at SFO for bringing this art to life on the web!

Special thanks to goGIRLglobal girls Samantha and Abby for being part of our research team on the ground.

Image Left is Rachel Pery Welty “Altered Receipt: Children’s Hospital Bill for Inpatient Services,” 2001-2002

Take a virtual or live trip to London’s Southdown Avenue  and you find NDI Gallery’s collection of assemblage or recycled art.  What is this? The NDI definition is “creating a three-dimensional artistic composition using found or discarded everyday objects.”


photo from Dwell Magazine online

MARY JANE® is a Necco Candy made in Boston with a unique and delicious molasses and peanut butter flavor!

a production of

Rachel Pery Welty

Lost in My Life, twist ties 2009