Once upon a time there was a bold little girl who believed anything was possible. She was afraid of dogs but was never afraid to talk to people about what she believed in. The girl had a twin brother and one winter morning as she got ready for school, she grew frustrated that he was wearing pants and she had to wear a dress. That day she talked to her friends and realized that many girls shared her concern. The girl knew she had to do something and so she led a group of girls to the principal. He immediately listened and agreed to modify the rule so that girls could wear pants too.  On the heels of this victory a social activist was born.  

That same girl also had a passion for food...food mom made, food grandma made…well frankly food anyone made! At every family gathering she sat eagerly finishing her plate - and everyone else’s, well beyond the time that her siblings had any interest in sitting at the table. Those who remained argued about politics and the events of the world. Surrounded by the shouts of her grandpa and his brothers, she developed fascination and concern for a bigger world, while polishing off cookies and chocolate covered cherries. As the girl grew, she honed her skills and bravery to fight for other causes. With each success she learned that the voices of youth can be powerful. After she finished her studies she began to work to lead the voices of youth in front of government leaders, news cameras and public meetings. She spent a lot of time with homeless teenagers and youth in foster care, and realized how incredibly important it was for all youth to have people building their confidence and believing in them, as much as people had always believed in her.

She built a career convincing people about investing in children. With the help of several talented and wise people she helped change the course of events for vulnerable children in New Jersey. Along the way the mouthy little girl had become a woman and a mother. She started a new adventure, inspired by her daughters to help children see that anything is possible. Sharing her optimism for the world, she taught them self-care, to love the earth, the arts and to open their mind to the global community around them. Through stories, travel, and the power of media, she discussed the challenges of our time – like clean water, hunger and human rights and pointed them to inspiring new technologies and heroines. She taught them simple ways to care about their own mind, body and spirit. As her girls thrived, she knew what she had to do next...and GO GIRL GLOBAL was born. She is no longer afraid of dogs, gave up chocolate covered cherries, but still loves to talk to people about what she believes in.

In 2010, the mother-daughters team, Lisa, Ruby and Jada Eisenbud created the prototype for Go Girl Global. Bootstrapping, Ruby and Lisa built the online platform using iWeb. Jada, Ruby and Lisa have created the content. Today, Go Girl Global has over 5000 followers across the world, and has partnered with the Girls20Summit, UN GirlUp, and many other individuals, corporations and NGOs globally.

The Bold Little Girl - How we got started


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